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Operating since 1998, Tadika Grace Community provides quality early childhood education through its three year old to six year old group kindergarten programs.  Our primary focus is the well-being of every child.  We provide our children the attention they need to grow and develop into happy, healthy people and be confident for school.

Tadika Grace Community offers children a positive, stimulating and supportive environment where each child is valued as an individual. Our experienced approach respects each child – challenging and extending their development in all areas regardless of gender and ability.

Mission Statement

Here at Tadika Grace Community, the goal is to create a safe environment which supports a child’s growth and allows them to have a wide range of friends.

In Tadika Grace Community, we focus on interaction: To the genuine and respectful listening and discussions with the children and the educational partnership with the parents.

  • Children are encouraged to independent thinking and problem-solving, which allows their thinking skills to develop and strengthens their self-esteem. We want to enable the children to grow as self-confident, well-balanced people that contributes to our complex society.

Our foundation values are:
•          Tolerance
•          Good foundation in literacy and numeracy
•          Honesty and fairness
•          Consideration and respect for others
•          Good manners
•          Emotional support.